Hoy En El Universal: The Best Blog I’ve Ever Started Twice

So yeah: I started this blog before–back in February. It had the same name. I wrote exactly one post for “Hoy En El Universal” (lo primero). And now the blog has disappeared so deep into the annals of the internet that it is un-googlable, and I can’t access my old WordPress account.

The thing’s kind of an internet ghost–I feel its presence, but it is nowhere to be seen.

I started this project as a way to make myself read the newspaper in Mexico City everyday. I’d pick out the things that interested me or baffled me and I’d share them. And maybe the blog would make its way back to the states and people would see that Mexico is more than just tacos and narcos–ahh the two overpowering “cos.”

I figured I would always buy the same newspaper–“El Universal“–which appeared pretty big and comprehensive. Now, I’ve decided I won’t do that–there are just too many newspapers to ignore: El Excelsior, La Reforma, La Jornada, La Razon to name a few.   Still, I prefer the name to “Hoy en El Grafico,” the newspaper that will publish pictures of people whether all their body parts are attached or not.

I rather liked my first post in “Hoy en El Universal” (now my first “first post”), if I’m remembering it correctly. It was not about immigration reform. Or the one thing here that has truly kept me up at night: sismos, temblores, terremotos (all words related to “EARTHQUAKE”).

It was about Belinda.

Belinda is kind of the Lindsay Lohan of Mexico. But not Lindsay as we know her now. Lindsay as we knew her post-“Parent Trap,” pre-lots of trouble. According to this resume, Belinda has Disney experience and lots of other acting and singing experience. She was born in 1989.

So here’s what I read (a headline) about Belinda during my first D.F. newspaper experience. It really shook me up:

“Belinda subio a su twitter un video donde rompe manzanas con la cabeza.”

This line basically says that Belinda has, through twitter, released a video of her breaking apples with her head.

Magical! Confusing. That must be an expression, I thought. It shouldn’t be translated, like word-for-word. I asked around. People did not know about this apple occurrence. I had to research. I did. And then I found this:

Wow. She really did it, that Belinda. Perhaps Mexico is a profoundly literal place?

We will see.

So I’ll try to keep this up. That’s all I can promise.

As for photos: I knew how to go about finding free, legally available photos on the web in the U.S. I’m having trouble here. So for now: All photos are mine. They will likely not correspond to the blog post content. This one is of ladies making tortillas in the market in Tepoztlan.


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