A Lofty Goal

El Chicharito—the Mexican futbolista who scored twice during the World Cup—is now playing with Manchester United.

For a while, news circulated that Manchester might loan him to Valencia—you know, have him run around with a lesser team to ready him for prime-time European soccer. But the rumors never panned out. And yesterday, Chicharito debuted with the “Diablos Rojos,” as the British team is known in the press here.

I guess there’s no better way to solidify his Manchester position than to score. And Chicharito—or “Javier Hernandez” as he’s known on his birth certificate—did just that in the 83rd minute. As you can see in the video, it was hugs and smiles and “praise gods” all around. I’ve come to recognize Chicharito’s game time prayer moves just as much as his high-flying shots on goal.

But whatever he’s doing, seems to be working!

Photo taken by me in Tepoztlan, March 2010. Pulqueria owner (wearing shirt from local Maryland soccer league in which I played as a kid!)


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