Ties That Bind…

Yesterday, the reigning World Cup champions played Mexico’s national team. The game, held here in the Distrito Federal, was part of the country’s Bicentenario festivities. You get the idea: Spain and Mexico meeting again on Mexican soil, this time battling over a ball instead of the fate of country.

The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Beforehand, there was plenty of grousing all-around about the match. Mexicans complained that, of course, Spain would come here and win…and how would that look symbolically-speaking? Meanwhile, Spanish players and coaches whined that the match would put players at risk for injury before their professional seasons took off.

I didn’t read about any injuries from the game. And fortunately, the game ended with a final score that preserved both groups’ dignity. Unfortunately, the electricity went off in a surprise brown-out, right as I settled in and began watching.

So the real loser here is me (and the rest of Roma Norte).


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