White Bread, Green Shirt

Sandwiches are having a big moment in Mexico. That’s because several of Mexico’s best soccer players are promoting them in 800 billion billboards and signs around the country. Tagline: “HAZ SANDWICH.”

Will the tortilla become a defunct carb?

Tortilleras around the country wait with bated breath.

Among those starring in the advertisements is El Chicharito (real name Javier Hernandez Balcazar), who prefers white bread, it is said. And yes, that’s him above.

In a poll in El Universal, people guessed El Chicharito would be the most well-known Mexican player during the World Cup. He didn’t have much time to strive for greatness during the first game. The coach didn’t put him in until well into the second half, if I’m remembering correctly.

Aside from being very pretty, El Chicharito is only 22 and just got signed to Manchester United. He seems quite thrilled about it in this interview (he’s either so excited that he can’t find his words, or he needs more English lessons).

I guess only time will tell if he lives up to the promise accorded by the poll and whoever decided he deserved that gigantic billboard.

Picture, taken by me in June 2010, D.F. near Parque Chapultepec


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