In-flight entertainment, and other Mexico surprises

The concept of advanced notice hasn’t taken hold in Mexico yet. Living by Paseo de la Reforma, the metropolis’s most important central avenue, presents the greatest number of erratic moments. Just last Saturday, I woke up, headed out, and found the entire street blocked off with metal rails and big constructed entranceways – the kind you see at music festivals and other massive events. Apparently, there was a road race set for that evening/afternoon. No warning that I recall. No fliers on the street, or delivered to our house. Great. But: how was I to cross the street?

(It was tough. I figured it out.)

I’ve grown accustomed to not being entirely accustomed to anything. But the place I count on being reliably boring is my office’s lobby. I guess that’s not even true. There is a helicopter pad on our roof where important people land and hurriedly rush off to do important things. Sometimes, when there are, say, six or seven handlers, that can be a little bizarre and exciting. But not in comparison to what happened on Thursday.

I came out of the elevator to a hoard of photographers and some very white booty shorts. They were occupied by several New York Jets cheerleaders, posing around our newly installed Christmas tree.

I almost tripped over one guy, squatting to the right of the elevator. As it turned out, I had not just stepped into their collective dream. One lone cheerleader was not participating in the shots and I asked her what was up: “New York Jets Flight Crew” press trip to promote the NFL in Mexico, she replied.  (Further proof here.)

Again, no advanced warning. No fliers passed out. Things just happen here.

Photo from the New York Jets’ website.


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