Museum commissions new clothes for Jesus

Sometimes, you’ve got to toss some petroleum oil on the Baby Jesus’s head.

Dressing the Niño Dios – as the infant savior is known here – is an important part of Día de la Virgen de la Candelaria (Feb. 2), the day when the Virgin Mary presented her son in the temple of Jerusalem, according to Catholic belief. One museum called upon contemporary fashion designers to create an innovative wardrobe for the little tyke. Some got a bit more creative  (hence the line above about dark goo trickling down the Baby Jesus’s forehead).

Anyway, it was a fun exhibit. Learn more about the Niño Dios tradition (page 1, page 2 here).


One thought on “Museum commissions new clothes for Jesus

  1. Great story and exhibit. Should come to LA. Reminded me of when my mother and all the other Polish neighbors vied to see who could come up with the best outfit for the Infant of Prague, as it was known in my neighborhood. Lots of silk, satins, and velvets depending on the season.


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