Shot in the dark

I will never forget the date of Haiti’s horrific earthquake – it’s my birthday, January 12. So when the one year anniversary of the catastrophe came around, I was thinking about it and wondering how Mexico would memorialize the disaster. I didn’t arrive in the country until early February 2010, so I missed the immediate press coverage of quake and I never read about how the government contributed to relief efforts.

When the week of January 12 arrived, I didn’t hear of too many events or fundraisers related to Haiti’s tragedy. But an invitation to an exhibit of Mexican photojournalists’ work in Haiti did land in my inbox. I guess I’ll go, I thought. (Don’t worry – the opening night event occurred January 11! I didn’t miss my birthday night!) And in the end, talking with the Mexican photogs that evening proved really fascinating. They spoke about the disparities in resources between journalists from less developed countries and those from  large news operations like BBC or NBC News. They also told me crazy stories about arriving  in Port-au-Prince. One guy came by boat!  And he didn’t even stick around for a week.

Anyway, I hung out longer than expected and longer than necessary at the show – always the sign of genuinely absorbing material.

Photo credit: “Thank you God for keeping me alive” by Notimex’s José Luis Salmerón, who won the 2010 National Journalism Prize for Graphic Reporting



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