Living large in Mexico City

One luxury Mexico City still can’t afford: freedom from traffic jams. One luxury it can afford: Burberry, as pictured here on Presidente Masaryk.

When you’re an ignorant American first arriving in Mexico City, you expect to be amazed by the country’s poverty – not it’s wealth.

The story of Mexico’s extremely affluent upper class doesn’t fit into the U.S.’s narrative about its neighbor to the south. You’ll find a thousand stories about destitute immigrants before uncovering one about the wildly pampered people that tend to cluster toward the central/western areas of Mexico City.

But bottom-line: wealth is not hard to find in the capital. Just head to the right neighborhoods and cartier watches, pearls and staggeringly high designer heels glint in broad daylight in luxury shopping malls, cutesy sidewalk cafes and restaurants, and at night, swanky nightclubs. I recently wrote a story for Fox News Latino about ever-increasing signs of upper class prosperity in the capital, land of – no reason to doubt now! – much conspicuous spending.

Photo by Ruth Samuelson.


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