The Mexico/Philadelphia bond

In Mexico, Philadelphia is not The City of Brotherly Love. It’s not cheesesteaks. It’s not Rocky.

It’s cream cheese. The Philadelphia brand has reached the heights of Kleenex and Xerox. The brand name is the thing – there are no qualifications, no other necessary explanatory words. Personally, I take issue with cream cheese here. It’s in every piece of sushi, smothering the fish.

But I was heartened to discover Philadelphia isn’t just making its mark on Mexico anymore – the action’s reciprocal now with two flavored cheeses: poblano and chipotle. Delicioso!


One thought on “The Mexico/Philadelphia bond

  1. My friend’s uncle lived and worked at a philly cheesesteak spot in in Philly, so, when he returned…He opened up a Philly Cheesesteak spot in Moroleon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Thats the real Mex-Philly connex. Although this is good…

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