Well now that the New York Times said it…

(Photo by Kevin Coles, license Flickr Creative Commons)

The New York Times probably wasn’t the first major media outlet to report on dwindling Mexican immigration. But earlier this month, it published a lengthy article – complete with multiple graphics and videos signifying WE SPENT A LOT OF TIME AND RESOURCES ON THIS — PAY ATTENTION!!! – on why undocumented immigration from Mexico has dropped. Was that article a game-changer in shifting public perception, or at least injecting new ideas into the immigration debate? I bet. And here’s one bit of proof: a fresh opinion piece about Mexican immigration published yesterday by conservative Michael Barone, which cites many of the same examples as the NY Times story.

Mexico has finally become a majority middle-class country, former Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda argues in his recent book “Manana Forever?” Mexico has more cars and television sets than households now, most Mexicans have credit cards and there are almost as many cell phones as people.

There has been a boom in higher education, especially in technical schools. The increasing numbers of well-educated Mexicans have no need to go to the United States to live a comfortable and even affluent life. Mexico has grown its way out of poverty.


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