That crazy Caifanes theory

Venezuelan band Los Amigos Invisibles play at Austin City Limits (Source: Matthew Taplinger/C3 Presents)

Earlier this year, Coachella, the famous southern California music festival, sold out in six days.  Apparently, that’s pretty crazy. I wouldn’t really know the difference between six days, 16 days, 26 days and so on. But with the tickets all gobbled up, one seemingly agitated fan aired a theory on a Coachella message board about the rapid sale. That idea ended up garnering a bit of attention on blogs and whatnot, mostly deservedly negative. Here’s a section:

…Coachella is one of two AND ONLY TWO reunion shows that Caifanes will be playing. It’s plain to see that the reason Coachella has sold out is because a wave of Mexican Caifanes fans (because let’s be honest, who else has really even heard of, or can pronounce properly, “Caifanes?”) have JUMPED on the chance to see their favorite band. [Edit: And, fyi, the Caifanes are a Mexico City rock band that gained popularity in the late 1980s and 1990s.]

Now, I myself managed to score a ticket. But I’d say about 20,000 – 74,000 people are out a ticket because the Mexicans love this band so much. There can be only one solution:

We must infiltrate the personal lives of the band members of Caifanes and, using subtle persuasion (read: INCEPTION), we must convince them NOT to reunite and to decide NEVER TO SPEAK TO EACHOTHER AGAIN.

I’ve never seen anything remotely confirming this theory. But it is an indicator of one thing that seems very true: people expect lots of Mexicans at Coachella. And that happens to be what my latest story details. Actually, it talks about Mexicans, in general, taking a greater interest in U.S. festivals. They’re not just heading to Coachella. Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and other shows are getting some love.

But as one source reported, Mexicans go basically for the same reasons as everyone else: to see a lot of different bands from a lot of different places – not just the homegrown Mexican acts.


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