Things I picked up in Veracruz

From yummmm to burrrrrrrrrp in 20 minutes flat: seafood cooked “a la Veracruzana”

I just returned from a four day trip through Veracruz: tanning in Costa Esmeralda, eating free samples in Coatepec and toning my butt while walking the San Francisco-like hills of Xalapa. A few things I brought back:

– A bottle of Torito, a local specialty that basically tastes like melted peanut butter with liquor. (Encountered in Coatepec)

– Two unidentifiable bites, most likely by spiders. (Encountered the day after leaving the beach.)

Camotes and borrachitos. CANDY!!! Borrachitos translates roughly into “little drunkies.” (Encountered while waiting to pay the toll for the highway into Puebla.)

– Heavy but worthwhile bloating from a “mariscada a la Veracruzana,” a big mixture of shellfish and fish cooked with green olives, onions and tomatos. (Costa Esmeralda)

-A ring made from a stamped half-peso coin. (Coatepec)

-Pear and apple flavored Gerbers and anti-diarrhea medicine for a travel partner that acquired a bacterial infection before hitting the road. (Coatepec)

-A salsa made with macademia nuts (Coatepec)


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