Fondas do not pride themselves on their interior decorating.

Last night, I was lying in bed, feeling bloated and not quite tired enough to doze off, and I began thinking about an acrostic for the meal that was keeping me up: the classic Mexican Fonda lunch.

Here’s what I created:






It works. I’m quite pleased with myself .

So a fonda is a typically small to medium-sized eatery with fixed-price lunches. The decor is simple, and the food’s without frills. There are usually three courses and a little dessert. You start with one of two soup options. Then, you either get rice, pasta or, perhaps, a little salad. (The dressing is usually lime juice and salt.) Then comes the entree: often some meat, drenched in a thin salsa and a side of beans. You also get a basket of tortillas or bread.

The price for all that ranges from 35 to 60 pesos from what I’ve seen in Mexico City (and 60 pesos, at this moment, is less than $5 dollars).

Fondas can be delightful: very tasty and a great bang for your buck, obviously. But they can also be very, hmmm, how to say this…stomach-rumbling-inducing.

Yesterday, I picked up a tailored bridesmaid dress that got altered a little too tightly. The wedding’s next weekend and then I’m going home for a week. So adios to fondas for a bit.

Photo by Omar Omar, Flickr Creative Commons License 


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