The V Motel Boutique, Hotel Cuore and other Mexico City ‘love motels’

Sometime in August, I was sitting in traffic on Viaducto, one of Mexico City’s main highways, when I noticed V Motel Boutique. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before.

Mexico has a longstanding industry supporting a particular breed of motel/hotel. The special Mexican version often has individual garages for rooms for maximum car coverage and discretion. The clients are, well, not there for business – unless they’ve been picked up on a corner prior to arriving (WINK!).

So there you have it: these motels are for sexy time! But they’re often grungy, without amenities and almost completely interchangeable. Not this V Motel Boutique place though. With photos of kissing couples on its facade and that suggestive name, it proudly announced its identity and made clear the kind of clients to which it catered. It seemed completely novel and highly intriguing. And thus an article was born.  I wrote about changing cultural mores relating to sex outside of marriage and the evolution and opening up of sex motels. The story came out last week in Global Post, a news agency publishing stories from all over the world.

I snapped tons of photos, to which a friend reacted: “I love that your work includes taking photos of sex swings.”

Guilty as charged. Read the story, and enjoy the fruits of my labor! The bottom two images are from Hotel Cuore, another love motel in D.F. Everything else is from V Motel Boutique.



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