Dr. Simi cuts loose!

As the five frequent readers of this blog probably know, I’m a little obsessed with a Mexican character known as Dr. Simi. He’s the mascot for Farmacias Similares, a widespread chain of cheapo pharmacies in Mexico that have in-house doctor offices. Dr. Simi, who kind of looks like an obese, older version of the monopoly man, can often be found in front of a Farmacia Similar, happily waving to children, jumping and giggling and doing other adorable things that crotchety older male doctors probably never do.

But, during a trip to Veracruz, my boyfriend and I discovered probably the best Dr. Simi in all of Mexico. He’s even cooler and more excitable than your average mustached Simi MD. Just check out the video. (I have maybe 20 times…)

Video by Thor Blanco


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