My American Media Boycott

Not 100 percent sure this photo’s from Mexico, but those stairs in the background possess a particularly Mexican crumminess.

After nearly two years in Mexico, I still know all the major news – substantial and frivolous – in the United States everyday. I haven’t missed the latest fashion trends, since my bookmarks bar includes five go-to street style blogs. And several new American tv shows – New Girl, Up All Night, 2 Broke Girls, The X Factor – fill up my weeknight evening agenda.

I would say “thank you internet,” except I’m iritated about this situation. Working as a journalist, I need to read news, tweets, e-mails and reports in English. But the wealth and variety of English-language media online is crippling to a degree. It’s so appealing, it distracts from Mexican shows, newspapers, blogs, etc.

So I’m quitting, sort of, for two months. I’m going to change my media habits, end the addiction! I do have a couple of nicotine patches in my game plan. Here are the rules for my American media boycott:

(1) I’m not giving up The X Factor. I can’t even explain why. I don’t have a favorite contestant anymore. This is true addiction: compulsive, barely pleasurable obsession.

(2) I need to know what’s going on in the United States. So I’ll allow myself 30 minutes total during the day to consume news in English.

(3) Besides that, no books in English, no more TV shows in English and no more beloved podcasts in English. The last one is going to be rough. I spend a lot of time on public transportation.

I had other rules in mind, but I’m tired. I’ll update and amend as my fast begins. December starts in two hours.

Photo by rainy city, Flickr Creative Commons


One thought on “My American Media Boycott

  1. Good luck with that! I could never do that because my very personal opinion about Mexican media, TV shows, news and books is that most of the suck. But I would love to hear your experiences with it and maybe you’ll help me to discover good Mexican media. 🙂

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